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This site is meant to be a resource to everyone with any level of interest in paper airplanes. For those that are here just for just wanting to learn how to fold some new paper airplane styles to serious students interested in learning the science of flight. Perhaps even someone looking for science fair material for paper airplanes.

As an Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer I have always been very disappointed in how much information is missing or inaccurate in so many paper airplane books. One of the major reasons to build and fly paper airplanes should be to learn as much as we can about how airplanes work. It is also important to learn methods that allow us to do more ourselves. There is no reason that the average person should not be able to learn the basic design characteristics of paper airplanes to the point of being able to make new paper air plane designs as well as improving old designs. Check out the resources available on this site.

One last goal of this site is to try to keep up with a little history of paper airplanes. We are rapidly losing the generation that were the first few decades of kids who built and flew paper airplanes on the playgrounds around the world. Prior to WWII there was very little sharing of paper airplane designs from one part of the world to the next yet where ever there was paper available kids were making airplanes. If any one would like to share some information on paper airplane history with me (folded or pasted cardboard) please email me using the link below.

This site is broken into six main categories on paper airplanes:

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Looking for more info on paper airplanes? Check out the following links:

Thank you for checking out this site. Future projects include: Design of larger card stock planes for outdoor flight, instruction videos (yes I am behind the times), and improvement of the science project tips.

Pat Morgan

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