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I personally believe that there are two distinct levels of understanding. The first level is when we are able to intelligently regurgitate or even discuss a given topic. The second level is when the topics understanding becomes alive and changes our actions or even our very being. Over the years I have put together several Bible studies for my own use that help allow me to move from the first level of understanding to the deeper level. These came about because, as I studied, I found that things would become more clear if I wrote them down and read back over them. So even though they may appear as if I was writing a book or an article in reality they are simply my method of organizing my thoughts complete with bad grammar and some rambling as I struggled to put my thoughts into words. But, if including them here can be of value to anyone then it is worth the effort.

It is going to take some time before I can get them all converted to a format tor Internet use but I will finish as quick as possible. For now I have the following available:

Thank you for checking my site out.

Pat Morgan