My Paper Airplane Display Base

The Instructions for Making a Paper Airplane Display Base

Safety Warning: The instructions on this (and other projects pages) show the use of: sharp knives, saws, other tools, and even potentially harmful glues; requiring experienced use and knowledge of how to safely use them. Since I have such a wide range of readers in age and experience I feel the need to add this warning. If you do not have any experience with how to safely use any of these tools get help! There are always alternate ways to accomplish the task. Scissors used instead of knives, etc. The point is to stay safe and have fun! This projects suggest using a hot glue gun. Hot glue is not as commonly used as it was in the past due to safety concerns from burns. Other methods include any "gap feeling" glue that will bond to the plastic rulers and cardboard. One example is super glue (gel type). These glues all have risk of injury and gloves should be used. You should even test the gloves to make sure the wet glue won't eat straight through the glove. Again. I strongly advise getting help from someone with experience if you are not experienced with the glue you plan to use.

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1. Cut the cardboard tubing to length at an angle.

2. All that is needed for the paper airplane display base is this tube, a 3/4" binder clip, and a way to glue.

3. The hard part is trying to find a way to hold the clip in place while hot gluing. The easiest way is to get someone to help and use a pair of pliers to hold the clip in place while you glue. Do not hold clip with just fingers! I have shown how I was able to make a clamp setup to hold clip in place with no one to help.

Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

4. Close up of where to add glue. Place a nice thickness of glue here and add some on the bottom of the clip to make a solid joint.

5. Finished paper airplane display stand. This will add a nice touch to a science fair project presentation.

Step a Step b Step c

Using cardboard angle stock for display base:

7. Cut angle to about 1 1/2" length.

8. Hot glue in place. Add glue on both sides to make a solid joint.

9. Finished display stand.

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